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Sailing The Sporades, Oh Mama Mia!

​Greece is famous for it's islands and it easy to see why. There's over 1000 of them and most people have heard of the more famous one like Mykonos in the Cyclades and Corfu in the Ionian. The Sporades islands are not so well known and to me, that's a big plus. I've sailed out of Skiathos a few times now, south towards Skyros and east to Skopelos a...
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Jonathan Ross The Big Lap - Sailing Around Australia
22 June 2020
Good luck with that Len. How long are you looking to take? What sort of boat? It's an epic trip for ...
Guest - Len Easther The Big Lap - Sailing Around Australia
22 June 2020
i am looking at sailing around australia beginng at my home port , Port Vincent South Australia
Guest - Brice Fauchier Un Petit Mariage Français (A Little French Wedding)
26 November 2018
j adore !!!! Superbe couple , Charme , elegance et Alegria !!tudo bonito !!! Beijinhos !! Brice