Meet JR

Trying to make sure I smell the roses as this life unfolds. It maybe a cliche but this life ain't no rehearsal for next time.

So who am I? That's an interesting one. Not quite sure how to describe myself. The dry description tells you I'm an Australia, born in the 60's who grew up on the Mornington Peninsula south of Melbourne. Three adult sons, one mum, five brothers, three sisters and about twenty nieces and nephews.

The other description would be something of a free spirit who was never happy doing the corporate thing. I had never been overseas until my early 30's but have made up for it somewhat over the past 20 years. From Albania to Vietnam and lots of countries in between. My favorite? Well let's see......


A Water Baby

Lots of my adventures have been tied to the water as I've been a sailor and surfer since my teenage years. We grew up by Port Philip Bay and salt water is part of my makeup, that's for sure. If you asked me what I do for a living, at the moment I'd have to say, 'professional sailor' although 'web designer' would have to get a gig as well.


The European Experience

For the past 5 years, I've been living more often than not in Europe. I've done a lot of sailing in the Med, from Gibraltar in the west to Cyprus in the east and lots of places in between. There's also been countless roadtrips that have criss-crossed France, Spain, Portugal, Italy and Greece plus side trips to Central America, Asia and even the Canary Islands too. No shortage of weird and way out places visited. Getting far away from the tourist traps and into the back blocks seems to be my specialty. I'll run a mile at the sight of an organised tour being led by someone holding up a flag on a stick. Don't start me on selfie sticks.....

Have Camera, Will Travel

I'm a keen photographer, quite dangerous with an iPhone it seems, always looking for that unique perspective and human aspect. It's good that I have actually recorded my travels by taking photos otherwise I'd never remember half the places I've been! It's amazing looking back through images how it takes you right back to that place and moment in time. Probably another reason why I have created this blog. :-)


My Partner In Crime

I had a chance meeting with Nathalie when we were both traveling in Montenegro 5 years ago. She was heading north and I was heading south but it was certainly the beginning of something. We wrote to each other over the next 12 months once she returned home to Normandy and I continued traveling throughout Europe. It was when I was in the Canary Islands and she was holidaying in Lisbon that I decided to take the plunge and go and see her once again. The rest is history and we have been inseparable ever since, sharing so many travels and adventures. Without exaggerating,  I think we have seen and done more together in the past five years than most people see in a lifetime.

Countries Visited

I think its about 35 and still counting. In the last 10 years I reckon I have ......


Miles Sailed

There's been many miles sailed in the Med, Caribbean, Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. The good news is there are lots more to come.


Miles Flown

An educated guess but there's been about 10 Australia to Europe flights in just the past 10 years alone. Lord knows how many other flights I've been on.


Kilometres Walked

Who knows if this right but when out and about traveling I walk a lot!


Kilometres Ridden

My favorite form of transport. There's nothing like riding to really feel and experience your surrounds.

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