why not?

So Why Am I Writing A Blog?

After quite a few years of travel, and the prospect of more adventures ahead, I decided it might be a good idea to actually start to start a diary of my 'road less traveled'. I like to write and it seems a shame not have some sort of record of places I have visited, with recollections and thoughts of what I experienced. One day I might even get around to writing a book. Maybe this blog is the dummy run.

Also, I'm Australian and we love to travel. Being on the 'other side of the world', from a young age we have a curiousity about what the rest of the world is all about. Whether it's the old world and history of Europe or the chaos of Asia. it's a rite of passage for Australians to set off and experience the rest of the world.  It's often an escape from the everyday and something we work towards. For me, travel has taken on a different perspective, one that I am still trying to work out. What I do know is that no matter how exotic the place, the locals are just people going about their daily lives and we tourists are not even curiousities flitting through. People are just people getting on with their lives no matter where you are.

An Epic Adventure

There's another reason too. Beginning in April 2019, with my fiancée Nathalie, we will be beginning an incredible voyage to sail around Australia. Taking at least 12 months, we will stop at and explore places that range from the capital cities to the most remote islands, bays and archipelagos. It will be an amazing trip that not many people will ever have the priveledge to do. I want to create a journal of words and pictures to record this epic trip.

So what's in store as we visit all sorts of weird and wonderful places? Let's go and find out......

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